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Congenial Crime is not an illegal act. Congenial Crime is an original rock band out of Charlottesville, VA that blends elements of metal, classic and new rock into a powerful and melodic wave of crushing sound.

Years of experience across generations lay the foundation for this wily band of brothers whose sound can best be described as a chainsaw in a washing machine being trampled by a herd of buffalo. However, the vocal styling, rhythm of the guitars, and inspired lead work crafts a unique and awe inspiring experience.


Heading up this beautiful disaster is vocalist and guitarist Scottie Sacra whose voice has a sound and tone that resembles a warm breeze blowing through a mountain valley. When his soaring melodies hit your ears, you’re bound to wonder: “Does that guy have a third lung in there somewhere??” To top it all off, Scottie has been honing the juiciest of guitar skills over many years and through several successful bands and projects.

On lead bass patrol and additional vocal duties is Brett Fincham. Brett has been a player (the instrument kind, not the women kind) longer than he can truly remember due to the memory loss from years of self-inflicted rocking and rolling. Hailing from a slew of original and cover acts, Brett is now the silverback of Congenial Crime. This is the man responsible for that thump you feel at our shows…ladies…

Slaying it on the skins is Cam Arbogast. He is by far the most fit member of this ensemble, and could possibly be the best looking man in the world. While being the key that holds this rolling debacle of madness together - with his beaty beats and percussive percussion - Cam don't sing! However his abstract sense of humor is a perfect fit with this group. 

Congenial Crime has a wide range of influences ranging from bananas, hiking, jeskis, birdwatching, Brett’s broccoli casserole, and parallel parking.

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